At Vegalab we create sustainable products that provide an all-natural, environmentally safe approach to pest management and soil fertility enhancement; leaving behind a better Earth for future generations to come. We have developed four product categories to meet a variety of farming needs and serve as a solution to agricultural challenges. Our four categories are BOOST, CONTROL, PRO, and BIO. Each category serves a unique purpose and they were created with our proprietary micronization and amplification technology.

The BOOST line is a combination of very unique all-natural fertilizers, soil amendments, and beneficial substances, that promote healthy plants and crop enhancement. These products are uniquely formulated for specific plant needs, utilizing natural compounds and substances to facilitate plant growth. By harnessing the power of natural and organic compounds, our BOOST line allows crops to achieve maximum potential while eliminating poor fertility in the soil and rejuvenating the microbial ecosystem.

Crafted to target the most damaging pests and diseases of essential crops, the CONTROL line is formulated entirely from plant extracts. These natural fungicides, larvicides, acaricides and nematicides eliminate harmful and destructive pests while protecting crops from unwanted pathogens. By controlling pests and fungi, our CONTROL products naturally promote crop activity to stimulate growth and maximize productivity for any farmer.

The PRO line of fertilizers is a powerful and extensive range of macro, secondary, and micronutrients. They provide the essential elements to maintain optimal crop growth. These fertilizers are constructed with organic acids and natural complexing agents that aid in the absorption of nutrients to greatly reduce the amount of chemical runoff and volatile compounds inside the soil. This in turn stimulates necessary crop growth and ensures the safety of important beneficial insects and microorganisms.

The BIO line introduces important microbial organisms to establish symbiotic relationships that modern farming practices exclude. Our goal is to reunite nature with modern and future agricultural practices. By using in vivo breeding techniques to produce biological inoculants, pesticides, and fungicides, Vegalab is delivering the sustainability our future generations need… today.