David Selakovic Vegalab Singapore

Vegalab the formulator and manufacturer of environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability, announced today that they will be showcasing their all natural line of SUPREME GROWERS sustainable products at this years Singapore Garden Festival taking place August 16-24th.

The Singapore Garden Festival is a biennial international garden show that showcases creations from some of the worlds most talented garden and floral designers. The show is considered a must-see event on the international horticulture calendar. The Vegalab team will be exhibiting at booth SG2.2 in the Supertree Grove location at the award winning Gardens by the Bay venue.

Rooted in more than 20 years of gardening experience and wisdom, Supreme Growers products are made in the USA, are all natural, and are good for year round indoor and outdoor use. They are formulated to provide the same high level quality results that commercial farmers are already enjoying with Vegalabs line of commercial farming products in a way thats scaled for home gardeners, nurseries, and flower growers.

Some of the Supreme Growers products they will have on display include: Soil Blast, Myco Blast, Supre Myco Tea, Kelp Blast, Larva Control.

About Vegalab LLC

Vegalab LLC is a global leader in formulating and manufacturing environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability. Their unyielding commitment to produce eco-safe, all natural products that are based on years of biological research and patented technology has positioned the company and its Vegalab and SUPREME GROWERS brands for rapid growth and advancement. The results are breakthrough products that increase productivity, decrease residue in crops, decrease waste and reduces the chemical footprint on the land. Vegalab is an agricultural destination for responsible solutions for farming, landscaping, gardening, and home horticulture. Corporate headquarters is Geneva, Switzerland managed by David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A.