West Palm Beach, FL- April 23, 2014- Vegalab the formulator and manufacturer of environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability, today announces three new distribution partners in Florida; Application Dynamics, Hoodridge, and Trigon Turf Sciences. The three Florida based companies represent Vegalabs opportunity to expand its current presence in the commercial farming market across distinct channels: mosquito control, food crops and ornamental farming, landscaping and turf maintenance.

Application Dynamics is a family owned and operated company that has been on the forefront of aerial mosquito control for the past 46 years. As the business is passed down to the next generation, so is their pursuit to continuously find the best in agricultural products and bio-pesticide control. When Application Dynamics decided to broaden their services they turned to Vegalab because of their quality natural and environmentally safe products. The addition of Vegalab products makes them a full service agricultural company.

Hoodridge, a family owned horticulture company with more than 25 years in the nursery, agriculture, and landscape industries, was looking for an opportunity to introduce all natural products that would build its client services. Through this partnership, Vegalab has the opportunity to reach nurseries and agriculturalists that follows in line with their environmentally responsible practices. Hoodridge offers its clients safe and organic products that enhance plant growth and allows growers the opportunity to foster good practices in soil management. Thus, Vegalabs products are a natural addition to their offerings.

Vegalabs North American headquarters is in Florida, a state known for its lavish golf courses and luxury living communities. Therefore, partnering with Trigon Turf Sciences a leader in the Turf grass industry, was a natural next step for the company. Trigons expertise in the health and management of fine turf grasses has garnered it hundreds of golf courses throughout the state. Vegalabs nematode control products, for example, provide Trigons clients a new solution to this common problem.