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Nitrogen is one of the main elements attributed to vigorous vegetative growth by promoting cellular reproduction and division. The plant transforms nitrogen into proteins and amino acids, distributing these essential compounds throughout the plant (mainly stem/node and leaf growth). Thus, it is essential for plant growth and is associated with increasing plant mass.

A plant with nitrogen deficiency will have reduced plant growth and yellowing in theleaves. In a severe case, the affected area ultimately turns brown and dies.

Providing plants with adequate nitrogen can be done quickly, effectively, and naturally by using Vegalabs Nitrogen Pro. Nitrogen Pro is a liquid fertilizer that contains nitrogen and other micronutrients designed to be absorbed quickly through leaves and root systems.  Proving the essential quantities of nitrogen assures growth and elevated yields.

Nitrogen Pro also contains important micronutrients such as boron, copper, iron, molybdenum and zinc that work togther for efficacy.  Boron has an important role in the circulation of sugars. Copper promotes photosynthesis in plants and is beneficial to building enzymes. Iron takes part of the respiratory process and contributes to the formation of protein. Molybdenum is an essential element in plants for the synthesis of amino acids from nitrogen absorbed. Lastly, zinc acts as an activator of important plant functions such as the formation of auxins and growth hormones.

Nitrogen Pro is effective at preventing deficiencies. Dont wait until its too late. Reach out to learn more of how Vegalabs Nitrogen Pro can help you grow healthy robust crops.