The secret to growing healthy crops and increasing yield with all natural agricultural products lies in the science. There are numerous components that factor into how well a product works. At Vegalab we have invested years of research to break down these important components and use them to create products that are not only highly effective, but also environmentally responsible. Elicitors are one of these components.

Elicitors are a type of biostimulant that facilitates naturally occurring functions in plants. Using these compounds and ideal management practices can result in higher yields and faster growth rates, through the manipulation of the plants mechanisms to ward off pathogens and enhance any metabolic process within the plant itself.

Our hydrolyzed protein is an amino acid powder derived from a structural protein that breaks down into a wide variety of amino acids. These broad spectrum amino acids act as an elicitor of the Krebs cycle, facilitating the synthesis of Adenosine Triphophate (ATP), the source of energy for plants.

For a great animation on the Krebs Cycle click here.

Another compound utilized from the skin of red grapes is a phytoalexin that facilitates the plants defense mechanism when the plant undergoes an attack from a pathogen. This produces a natural antimicrobial compound that protects against further pathogen intrusion, building a natural Systematic Acquired Resistance (SAR) against specific pathogens in the plant. This all-natural phenol compound acts as an antifungal substance against Botrytis cinerea, providing the plant with a natural immunity against Grey mold.

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