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Vegalab LLC Enters the California Market with Successful Trials


West Palm Beach, FL- November 04, 2014- Vegalab the formulator and manufacturer of environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability today announces that they are officially entering the California market after the success of several trials conducted early this fall.

Starting this past September, Vegalab began a series of trials on crops in farms around the state with successful results. Crops including organic and conventional strawberries, cucumber, avocado, and ornamentals were treated for a variety of infections. Vegalabs agronomists and soil scientists observed that the products used for the trials were not only effective at combating destructive diseases such as fungus and mildew, but that in many instances the products created long term residual effects well beyond the initial application. In some cases a second application was never needed.

The success of our trials in California is a testament to the quality of our all natural products and a huge step forward for our company. California is the nations largest agricultural market with more than $36 billion a year in sales and produces nearly half of US-grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

The trials were conducted with Vegalabs all natural line of fungicide and pesticide products called Mildew ControlSpore Control and Spider Mite Control. Mildew Control uses extracts of geranium plants as the active ingredient to reach the highest level of efficacy while greatly reducing the environmental impact of using this product. Spore Control uses Thymol as a fungicidal agent and offers a safer alternative to chemical pesticides that can often be dispersed in runoff and cause subsequent contamination. Spider Mite Control uses natural cottonseed and rosemary oil extracts, in combination with geraniol, as the active ingredient.

The first trial was conducted on a farm in Oxnard, CA on strawberries 80% infected with Powdery Mildew. Vegalab applied its Mildew Control product (foliar application) on September 5th over one acre of land. Four days later the first visual evaluation showed 90% control. A month later the crop was clean and a second application was not needed. The product created a positive residual effect that lasted four weeks.

The second trial was conducted on a farm in Santa Maria on strawberries that were 35% infected with Powdery Mildew. Vegalab once again applied its Mildew Control product (foliar application) on October 6th over 16 acres of open field. Three days later the first visual evaluation showed 95% control and no disease progress. By October 23, the crop was clean and there were no more symptoms.

With the success of the Mildew Control on strawberries, Vegalab began trials on cucumbers. On October 1st, Vegalab sprayed 1 acre of cucumbers in a farm in Carpinteria. The crop, which was old and ready for its last harvest, was 95% infected. Vegalab wanted to see how Mildew Control worked under such highly infected conditions. On October 10th the first visual evaluation showed 70% control and no disease progress. This trial is being repeated on a newer crop.

Vegalab also conducted trials with its Spore Control product. The first was conducted on a farm in Santa Maria on strawberries 15% infected with a fungus disease; which causes plants to wilt and die. Vegalab applied (foliar application) its Spore Control product over one acre of land on October 6th. By October 23rd no more wilted strawberry plants were observed. There was also no phytotoxic effect to flowers or leaves.

The final trial was conducted on a farm in Oxnard on avocados infected with spider mites. On October 6th five avocado plants (separated by various rates of application) were sprayed with Spider Mite Control. On October 11th, the spider mite mortality rate was evaluated for each rate with positive results. In the area treated with the full rate on average 1.3 spider mites were alive and 16 dead.