Maintaining healthy crops can be challenging. Plants become sick when they get infected with pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Though plants can defend themselves to some degree, like humans, plants can often times can use an extra boost. Plants however dont have an immune system like humans do, and thus taking extra protective measures can help keep crops free of pathogens.

Armour Boost is a supplement that provides an easily absorbed silica. Silica is a mineral product supplied to plants as a nutrient that provides rigidity and structural endurance for crops. It is the second most abundant element comprising 25.7 percent of the earths crust and its considered important to plant and animal life.

After applying Armour Boost, it is quickly absorbed into the roots and leaves. Being an integral part of the cell walls, silica provides, rigidity and structural endurance for crops, adding needed resilience during harsh weather and against harmful pests. Applied on the leaves as a thin silicate layer, it keeps the leaves erect, stimulating photosynthesis and creating a mechanical barrier against pathogenic fungal diseases and insects.

Armour Boost has the ability to enhance soil fertility and increase calcium absorption. Its effective towards building resistance to abiotic stress in crops, promotes active root growth in lawns, and resorts damaged and weakened grass/lawns.

Count on Armour Boost to protect your crops against pathogens.

To learn more about Armour Boost and how it can be used to protect your crops please do not hesitate to contact us.