Spider Mites are known for spinning webs of destruction on plants. They indiscriminatelyfeed on several hundred species of plants and attack healthy vegetable and fruit crops. Spider Mite symptoms include brown/yellow flecks on the leaves, scorched leaves, and spider-like webs.

An easy an natural way to tackle this pest is with Vegalabs Spider Mite Control. This powerful all natural alternative to harsh pesticides, effectively combats spider mites and keeps them from returning. Spider Mite Control uses ingredients like natural cotton seed, rosemary oil, and geraniol, to reach the highest level of efficacy. Spider Mite Control kills the pests on contact by blocking their breathing holes so that they die of suffocation. It also deactivates the eggs and prevents hatching.

Spider Mite Control is effective against all spider mites including the red and two-spotted kind. Its been tested on Tetranychus urticae which is known to attack beans, corn, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, and ornamentals such as roses.

Like all of Vegalabs products, Spider Mite Control is safe for the environment and the pests will not create resistance development after continuous use.

When combating a spider mite problem make sure to keep it away from other plants to prevent them from exposure.

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