Palm Beach, FL (January 10, 2016) – HPC Acquisitions, Inc. (OTCQB: HPCQ) DBA Vegalab US, a biotech company focused on delivering biological pesticides and natural fertilizers using its proprietary micronization and nanotechnology, has announced an exclusive distributor agreement with Fertica Group for its products in Guatemala. Fertica is the only manufacturer of edaphic-TVA process fertilizers in Central America and a leading distributor of plant food.

Vegalab US has granted Fertica exclusive rights to promote, market, and sell its line of bioproducts to farmers in Guatemala. Apart from Guatemala, Fertica also operates in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, with total annual sales of $200M.

“We are particularly interested in Vegalab’s selection of biopesticides. Biological alternatives to chemical pesticides have attracted much attention here in Guatemala, and we want to provide farmers with the best performing products available,” said Julio Martinez, Manager of Fertica for Guatemala.

“We are very excited to have one of Central America’s leading distributors of plant protection products partnering with us in our effort to shift the use of chemical pesticides to safer biological pesticides,” said Steven Blackburn, Director of Business Development for Vegalab US.

Vegalab US will retain responsibility for product development, quality management, and manufacturing, while Fertica will be responsible for sales, marketing, customer support, and distribution activities in Guatemala.

About Vegalab US

Vegalab US is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture through technological innovation.  Our product line consists of biological pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty biological agents that are highly effective against targeted organisms, non-toxic to beneficial organisms, and safe for the environment. The active ingredients in our solutions consist primarily of oil extracts from various plant sources. Applying our proprietary micronization and nanotechnology to these powerful natural agents allow Vegalab to create products that foster a healthier world.

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