(Minden, NV) – HPC Acquisitions, Inc. (OTCQB: HPCQ) DBA Vegalab US, a biotech company focused on delivering biological pesticides and natural fertilizers using its proprietary micronization and nanotechnology, announced that it has added Myco BioBoost, a highly concentrated and customizable mycorrhizal fungus soil inoculant, to its product line.

Myco BioBoost's proprietary water-soluble mycorrhizae are manufactured in powder form boasting 82 propagules per gram, one of the highest concentrations of propagules in the market for a solid product. The mycorrhizae are obtained in vitro, which guarantees an exact spore count.  In addition, the process is completely sterile; problems of contamination with other organisms are eliminated.

Mycorrhizae symbiotically bond to the roots of a plant, growing on and expanding the root's overall surface area. This increases the root system's ability to absorb water and nutrients. The protective coating of beneficial fungi shields the root zone from pathogens and feeds off of the starch exudates excreted from the plant's roots. In exchange, the mycorrhizal colony provides a bio-available phosphorus plant food.

Vegalab's eco-compatible fungi can be customized by crop or country, which ensures that the selected fungus is adapted to local environmental conditions. Myco BioBoost has received EPA registration and is available for purchase.

About Vegalab US

Vegalab US is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture through technological innovation.  Our product line consists of biological pesticides, fertilizers, and specialty biological agents that are highly effective against targeted organisms, non-toxic to beneficial organisms, and safe for the environment. The active ingredients in our solutions consist primarily of oil extracts from various plant sources. Applying our proprietary micronization and nanotechnology to these powerful natural agents allows Vegalab to create products that foster a healthier world.