Vegalab recently traveled to Costa Rica and visited numerous farms that were growing a variety of crops such as pineapples, yams, and melons. At one particular pineapple farm, the growers showed us a pineapple that was destroyed by slugs. See this video below.

Slugs feed on a variety of living plants and on decaying matter. They are attracted to cool and moist areas and can wreak havoc on crops.

In order to combat this pest naturally, Vegalab developed the Slug Control product. Vegalab Slug Control is an all-natural pesticide made with plant extracts and is applied directly to the leaves. This product is effective against a variety of slugs. It functions by interrupting the slugs mucus and salivary glands in such a way that it prevents the slug from moving, eating, or reproducing. It was tested on strawberry fields with 85%-95% efficacy.

Slug Control is made with a tea saponin. Tea saponin is a glycoside compound well known for its surfactant effect, demonstrating the ability of forming foams and emulsions. Slug Control is formulated with Saponin extracted from the tea tree. Saponin derived from this source has insecticidal, slugicidal, and fungicidal properties. Plus, its also effective against worms.

To learn more about Slug Control and how it can help you do not hesitate to reach out to us.