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Nematode Control

Powerful Natural Control of Parasitic Nematodes

Nematode Control is our next generation nematicide built around our patented, proprietary micronization technology. Compatibility testing on a wide range of crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, and watermelons has shown over 80% efficacy using this product. Nematode Control has been proven to significantly impact the population of parasitic nematodes species including, but not limited to, root knot, burrowing, lesion, pin, and spiral.



For the prevention of nematode infestation, mix 3.8 mL (3/4 tsp.) of product with one gallon (1 gal.) of water to properly dilute Nematode Control. For area applications, use 67.6 oz per acre of land via soil irrigation.
If nematode infestation already exists, then mix 7.6 mL (1 1/2 tsp.) of product with one gallon (1 gal.) of water to properly dilute Nematode Control. For area applications, use 1.1 gallons per acre of land via soil irrigation. After dilution, irrigate the product onto the soil. Do not apply prior to excessive rains, since this may reduce product effectiveness.


Nematode Control uses the natural extract geraniol as the active ingredient to reach the highest level of efficacy, while greatly reducing the environmental impact of using this product. Geraniol is our best recommendation for natural control of plant parasitic nematodes.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes, and do not drink. Handling and storage requirements: product should be stored in a dry, cool place (0-35ºC). Biodegradability of the product has not been determined, so avoid disposing of the product into drainage systems and into the environment. Appropriate land management practices should be used at all times with any pesticide; this material should be prevented from entering public or private water supplies (including wells) and any lake, stream, or river.


Nematode Control minimizes root knots and egg hatching of phytonematodes by disrupting their feeding and reproduction. It also minimizes the effects of soil pathogens and various impediments caused from soil and climate factors. Nematode Control enhances plant disease resistance and stimulates root growth and plant health. Nematodes, or roundworms, comprise a diverse group of parasites. They are ubiquitous in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments, as they are able to adapt very well to different environmental conditions. They are the most numerous multi-cellular animals on earth. Some nematodes are beneficial to plant growth, but others are detrimental. Nematode Control targets the harmful nematodes, which attack plants and serve as carriers for plant viruses in crops.

Directions for Use

Crop Type Dilution Ratioe Soil Drench Time to use
All Crops 1:1,000 1.6 oz/ 1,000 ft2
67.6 oz/ Acre
1.3 gal/ Ha
For prevention of disease symptoms
1:500 3.2 oz/ 1,000 ft2
1.1 oz/ Acre
2.6 gal/ Ha
If nematode infection exists

The mix rate for Nematode Control is 0.13 fl. oz. (3/4 tsp.) or 3.8 mL per 1 gallon of water or 1 gallon of product per 1,000 gallons of water, depending on severity of outbreak, that can be applied directly to the mosquito infestation, to the plants, to lakes/ ponds, or to the soil itself.

Product Composition

Chemical/Component Name

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