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All of our oil-based products go through a patented process of micronization, giving these oils the ability to cover a larger surface area and enabling deeper penetration into the crevices of plants, insects, and pathogens. The minute pores and filaments in the plant absorb our products faster compared to conventional oils. Previously, organic and natural products had to wait to be broken down or eroded in order to be absorbed by plants, making these products inefficient for commercial use compared to conventional oils. Today, thanks to our patented micronization process, Vegalab manages to provide products that work faster and more effectively.


After micronization, these oils go through a process of amplification, being paired with specific adjuvants and alcohol-based solvents to increase the oil-to-water bonding capacity. This results in our products having higher dilution rates with better efficacy than other oil-based products on the market. Our fertilizers have unique formulations, containing organic compounds that facilitate the absorption of minerals, increase growth rates, and enhance the quality of any crop. You will find that our fertilizer products do not contain pounds of inorganic minerals that volatilize and leach chemicals into the water table. Our fertilizers are formulated to reduce our chemical footprint and increase absorption into the plant. With our formulations, we use smaller amounts of fertilizers and pesticides to achieve better crop results than the current synthetic standards on the commercial market

Unique Compoounds

Several of the compounds we utilize are new to the current market and have never been introduced into current commercial agricultural practices. Our research has led us to extract and find substances from specific plants and develop new practices that differ from the current trends and methodology seen in the farming world. We have the ability to use cancer-curing substances that have been utilized by the Chinese in their medicine for the past 5,000 years as a microbial/pollinator/human-safe insecticide, or using the byproduct of burnt wood to increase growth rates and quality in any crop. It is these unique and persistent techniques that Vegalab is dedicated to, separating our products from the rest.

Food Grade

The ingredients in our fertilizers are food-grade quality, providing instant access to necessary elements for optimal plant growth rates. For example, our Iron sulfate is derived from H2SO4 and Fe3+ which are very clean sources from which the mineral is derived. Our Potassium silicate is formed through the reaction between silica sand and potassium carbonate, yielding potassium silicate. Every form of our mineral-based fertilizers provides readily available nutrition to plants increasing the amount of nutrition absorbed and leaving behind lower amounts of volatile residue in the soil.

Chelating and Complexing Agents

Amino acids, organic acids, and other complexing agents like glycine betaine, citric acid, and glutamic acid, all aid in faster absorption of the minerals in our products.


Elicitors are a type of biostimulants that facilitate naturally occurring functions in plants. Using these compounds and ideal management practices can result in higher yields and faster growth rates, through the manipulation of the plants’ mechanisms to ward off pathogens and enhance any metabolic process within the plant itself. Our hydrolyzed protein is an amino acid powder derived from a structural protein that breaks down into a wide variety of amino acids. These broad spectrum amino acids act as an elicitor of the Krebs cycle, facilitating the synthesis of ATP, the source of energy for plants. Another compound utilized from the skin of red grapes is a phytoalexin that facilitates the plants’ defense mechanism when the plant undergoes an attack from a pathogen. This produces a natural antimicrobial compound that protects against further pathogen intrusion, building a natural Systematic Acquired Resistance (SAR) against specific pathogens in the plant. This all-natural phenol compound acts as an antifungal substance against Botrytis cinerea, providing the plant with a natural immunity against Grey mold.

Natural Carbohydrates

These compounds, like sucrose/glucose/trehalose/xylose/stevioside, have a few purposes:

1 • Simple carbohydrates provide an excellent source of microbial food to rebuild or enhance the microbial ecosystem inside the soil.

2 • Xylose is the only sugar that is readily absorbed into the plant via the root system, which provides an energy boost to the plants’ metabolism.

3 • Trehalose dehydrates into a gel. After trehalose breaks down and is absorbed into the plant, plants can withstand desiccation because the internal organelles of the cell are held in place. This allows the cells to withstand destruction from the dehydration and regain their normal cellular activity after rehydration.

4 • Stevioside glycoside is the compound responsible for the sweetness of the stevia plant. This substance ranges from 50-300x sweeter than sucrose, increasing the perception of sweetness in fruit or vegetables that it is applied to.

Plant Growth Enhancers

Seaweed is known to have many important biostimulants (like phytohormones: cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins), Chelating agents (Mannitol), and a variety of trace minerals (zinc, manganese, etc.). Our kelp products are mechanically extracted, while preserving important hormones, enzymes, and amino acids found naturally in kelp. We use multiple species of Sargassum and Laminaria with combinations of all 3 species of brown kelp, Ascophyllum nodosum, Sargassum, and Laminaria providing a unique composition of hormones and trace minerals in our products. Pyroligneous liquor is known to improve yield and the quality of fruits and vegetables. At low concentrations, this substance and kelp aid in stimulating plant growth, enhance nutrient absorption, and recondition the soil itself. We shy away from harmful chemical extraction processes to fully utilize natural compounds without degradation, while preserving the quality and integrity of these important compounds.

Beneficial Microorganisms

Our laboratory is second to none when it comes to in-vivo cultivation techniques and formulating products with microorganisms that aid plants in taking up nutrients, warding off harmful pathogens, and enhancing the fertility of the soil itself. These important organisms have the ability to raise the electric conductivity inside the soil, through excretion of organic acids and electrons that facilitate the bonding of minerals to the ions released from the plant. The microbial expression generated from our microbial products are unique, promoting the growth of root systems, solubilizing nutrients, and providing competitive beneficial organisms that decompose harmful pathogens.

Microbial and Pollinator Safe Products

All of Vegalab’s products are safe and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms and pollinators. Pollination Boost contains propolis, a source of material that bees search for and collect through pollination. This product will attract bees to provide pollination to crops, as well as providing a source of material to build larger colonies for bees. A lot of our fertilizers contain sucrose, providing a microbial food for beneficial organisms to grow, expand, and out-compete any detrimental pathogens that reduce crop life and yield.